Digital Homeschool Portfolio created for use with iPad or tablet + stylus with PDF annotation apps like GoodNotes, Xodo, or Notabilty. Great for homeschool planning, tracking, and record keeping. Export your completed portfolio at the end of the year to submit for review, then export for a neat, organized record!

  • Solution for Homeschool Compliance

    Everything you need to track attendance or hours, curriculum, reading lists, unit studies, assessments, classes attended, and more!

  • Simple Alternative to Traditional Planners

    Use the portfolio for tracking rather than planning. Jot down the titles of your lessons and check them off as you go.

  • EASY to share!

    By spring, you will have everything will be wrapped up in one, neat package for end-of-year assessments. You can export your completed portfolio as a PDF & share it with your advisor. *They won’t need a special app or iPad to view it. This PDF can be viewed in regular, free Acrobat.


Product Details

Digital Homeschool Portfolio created for use with PDF annotation apps like GoodNotes and Notabilty. Great for homeschool planning, tracking, and record keeping. Export your completed portfolio at the end of the year to submit for review, then print or export for a neat, organized record!


Product Details:


  • Portrait orientation, warm floral cover and dashboard design
  • Easy navigation with hyperlinked tabs on each page
  • Clean, simple checklists & trackers
  • 70 interlinked pages


★ File Contents ★


Top tab sections:


Home (cover page)

Attendance & holidays list

Notes pages - ruled, graph, dot, blank

Index - hyperlinks to jump to any section




Side tab sections:


Curriculum & Supplements: Subject & materials overview with a link to the coordinating subject checklist page

Subject Checklists: Track lessons and completion dates

Assessment Tracker: Organized by quarter, write a brief description and date. Add your own details to this page like scores & drop in work sample photos

Unit Studies: Organized by quarter, half page project trackers to record topic, subjects covered, notes, and materials used

Reading log: Simple checklist organized by quarter

Classes & Co-ops: Quarterly pages to list outside or zoom classes, tutoring, etc.

Field Trips: Quarterly tracker with location, date, and notes

Work Samples: Each quarter has 5 pages ready to go with space for photos and notes. You can also drop in extra pages, import a pdf to this section (if you’re keeping samples of a typed report or digital project, for example)


  • Digital download PDF, import the PDF to your annotation app
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This is a handy tool for homeschool families to keep track of their progress and have a record to look back on for years to come. This format makes it really simple to remember to write down the important things we do in our homeschool. It's ideal for record-keeping and reporting if it's required in your state. It has pages to keep track of reading lists, assignments, field trips, work samples, unit studies, and more.


Homeschool Mom

Was hesitant at first but THRILLED I bought this! We're in our 3rd year of homeschooling and I haven't found a good planner for our annual review - until I found this one. It holds everything we need in one simple book. Special dates, field trip information, coop classes, extra activities, class projects, etc...there's space for it all! 


Third Year Homeschooler

This is perfect for homeschooling! Has everything I need for the state's portfolio requirements. I will definitely purchase again if we continue homeschooling.